South Sudan

The increase in the number of displaced persons arrived in the late ‘90s and early 2000’s in the states of Jonglei and Unity, in South Sudan, has highlighted the need for international intervention to support the basic needs of the population.

Over the years we coped with numerous health emergencies, such as the Kalah Azar, tuberculosis and measles, and in 2012 we become the focal point of the health sector in the County of Ayod.

The tensions that broke out in December 2013 continued in 2014 and brought the population in a state of insecurity. In Ayod the conflict reached such levels as to make the area inaccessible; we moved to Jiech in order to support the population.

During 2015 we have gradually completed almost the majority of the ongoing projects, aware that our impact to these countries was running out. We leave partners and staff with whom we shared a lot battles, a lot of risks, but also successes to be proud of.