“What world would it be without cooperation?” – CoLomba

Press release The campaign promoted by CoLomba – Lombardy International Cooperation What world would it be without cooperation? Is a worse world possible? Yes, without cooperation. More fragmented, more insecure, with more inequalities. A worse world for everyone. CoLomba, Lombardy’s international cooperation network made up of 42 civil society organizations, is promoting a campaign to […]


Cue Cosv

Call for Community Based Tourism – Dardha Village

Call for funding through mini-grants, for the qualification of domestic micro-hospitality and the promotion of responsible and ecologically sustainable forms of tourism As part of the ACAP – Community Action for the Conservation of Protected Areas project, the NGO COSV and partner organizations have launched the following call for proposals to improve accommodation capacities, through […]



National Reserve of Gilé: a heritage to be discovered and protected
From Vulnerability, To Resilience: Stories from Al Naba'a


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