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Social Innovation, Enterprise, Impact: COSV joins DIESIS network

Our strategy is built on the concept of innovation and, more precisely, on the processes of social innovation, or the search for effective solutions to the problems of the different contexts in which we work, through the involvement and creation of links between the different actors of a society.   In line with this perspective, […]


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Man and Nature: a difficult, but possible, cohexistence in Albania

Man-nature coexistence: is it possible? We believe in it. This aim guides our work in Albania, where we want to contribute to the building of a sustainable development mechanism, which will allow rural areas to emerge on the market in a participatory manner, while preserving the immense natural resources available to the Country. For more […]



National Reserve of Gilé: a heritage to be discovered and protected
From Vulnerability, To Resilience: Stories from Al Naba'a


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