Improving life condition of the rural people of Ayod County (Jonglei State) through support of Primary Health Care System

Ayod County in 2011/2012 experienced a complex of emergencies comprising of epidemics of Kala azar, floods and internal conflicts which caused a massive displacements of the population from within and in the neighboring counties. The Central Health Department is inadequately structured with few personnel who are often compelled to double work,  irregular or conspicuously absent at peripheral facilities. Private practice is on the rise in Ayod, with many health workers dropping out of public service to operate drug shops that provide basic medications at high costs. These services have compromised access to health for the poor people affected by disaster. Pharmaceutical supplies are irregular, because of lack of transport means, and the low capacity of the CHD to proper coordinate the drug delivery from CHD to the primary health units that are located in isolated communities with very poor accessibility.

Whitin the project Primary Health Units staffs are provided with regular training to enhance professionalism, in order to improve its capacity to respond to emergencies and outbreaks caused by unpredictable increase of the population that refer patients to it. Due to the rural nature of the locations where majority of the population live, integrated mobile outreach program will enhance service delivery in the remote areas. Therefore, COSV intends to maintain an adequate stock of essential drugs as required by MoH and WHO standards, to ensure prompt response to the leading disease conditions.

The main activities will be implemented through the Primary Health Center in Ayod. However, outreaches are planned in other Payams of: Mogok, Kuachdeng, Wau, Pagil and Pajiek.