Rapid Results Health Project to Improve Delivery of High Impact Primary Health Care in Ayod County, Jonglei State

We have been operating Primary Health Care Programs in Ayod since 2007. The existing Primary Health Care Center was continuously upgraded: new permanent buildings were put in place to include OPD, Maternity and two in-patient wards, the laboratory was furnished and quipped, sanitation facilities and an incinerator. When the conflict started in December 2013, Ayod town became inaccessible, the PHCC was deserted, the population fled to the neighboring payams and many health workers are now displaced. A huge number of the displaced population moved to Jiech.
With this project, we aim at giving essential support to the county health department, to health facilities and communities. Incentives will be provided for the county health department team based on performance based criteria; staff will be supported in primary health care units; cold chain and EPI activities will be enhanced; mosquito nets will be purchased, transported and distributed and routine and outreach immunization for children and women of childbearing age will be guaranteed. Community Nutrition screening for children U5 with corresponding referral and treatment for SAM and MAM is foresees and community awareness on basic nutrition and health practices, infant and young child feeding principles and practices and the detection of acute malnutrition will be organized.