We strongly believe that it is necessary to mobilize public funds, also relevant, to finance and support international cooperation and in particular non-governmental cooperation.

In our opinion,  all the severe problems of underdevelopment and the enormous necessary resources, often to be collected in a short time to deal with natural and social disasters, cannot be left to the sensitivity of the private sector or individual donors.

Cooperation for sustainable development is first and foremost a duty of the richest countries and an entitlement of the weakest countries. Peace, security, justice and respect for human rights and the environment must concern all Countries and Governments’ responsibility.

The private sector is an important actor: by integrating resources, it often mobilizes concrete attention on underestimated problems, sometimes forgotten or ignored, creating a bond – even if only symbolic – with the communities hardest hit by the effects of poverty, war of underdevelopment.

COSV finances its projects through private citizens and businesses contributions, as well as public grants of institutions amongst which – by reason of the recognition by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – the Italian Government, the European Commission and the major international agencies such as the World Food Programme, UNICEF, WHO, UNESCO, UNHCR, UNDP and many others.