Organization chart



Mario Brambilla

After working as a COSV desk officer for Mozambique, he has collaborated since 1995 with the Ministry of Labor as a sociologist and since 1999 with the Province of Milan for the Labor Market Observatory and for the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Area



Roberto Faccincani

Emergency surgeon at San Raffaele hospital in Milan, he has a long experience in risk areas such as Sudan, Iraq, North India and a specialization in disaster management and education in the management of major emergencies.

Board of Directors – councillor


Maria Cristina Negro

Since September 2016 she is Programme Officer for Social Services at Cariplo Foundation, after 9 years as Secretary-General at Giodano dell’Amore Foundation.



Marko Manico

He starts his career at Banca Popolare Etica to then switch to project management through the Startupper grant, which founds his project called EastRiver Community Garden.

Board of Trustees – Trustee


Paolo Martinello

He is specialized in insurance law, as well as in antitrust and consumer law. Since 1995 he is President of the Association Altroconsumo and he is President of B.E.U.C. (Bureau Européen des Unions de Consommateurs) of Brussels since 2008.



Piero Pedralli

After 38 years as manager in a multinational company, today he is in the Board of Directors of the Italian Institute of Donations and Voluntary consultants for Sodalitas Foundation.


Cristina Ciceri

COSV former responsible of Financial Administration

Board of Auditors

Auditor – President Maurizio Biraghi
Auditor Gianluca Gattinoni
Auditor Massimo Angelo Cazzaniga
Auditor Carolina Giardini
Substitute auditor Marco Antonio Bozzoli

General Director


Paolo Comoglio

COSV General Director since April 2012, he is currently also COSV representative for the Mediterranean and the Middle East. He worked as Director from 2004 to 2012, after a previous experience in the association as Desk Officer and Project Assistant

Financial Administration and Control


Elena Sironi

At COSV since 2003, she manages the administration team in Milan and coordinates all administrative staff on projects

Director of Operations


Federica Besana

At COSV since 2009, she manages and oversees daily operations of the organization, ensuring efficiency and sustainability through the optimisation of internal processes and the capitalization of the good practices. Since 2015, she is Focal Point for COSV Programs in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Administrative Officer


Barbara Magni

At COSV since 2009 she takes care of the accounting management, day-to-day payroll and relationship with banks

Administrative Officer


Lorena Lucia Reyes

She has a degree in Economics and has been working in international cooperation since 2016. Her career at COSV began in January 2020. She is in charge of supporting the administrative team in the management of audits, in financial reporting, in head office and local accounting.

Communication Officer and Social Media Specialist


Marco Schiavini

He has a degree in Economics and Management and actually he is in the last year of the master’s degree in Marketing and Communication. He started working for COSV in January 2020 as Communication Officer and Social Media Specialist



Anna Clara Tumbiolo

She coordinates COSV Secretariat from 2009, collaborating with branch offices. She takes care of the applications and of the management of the documents concerning contracts and travels

M&E Coordinator

Tommaso Cassiani

Tommaso Cassiani

Design & M&E Coordinator, his job consists in defining, harmonizing and examining the Monitoring and Evaluation systems of the projects in the different areas where COSV works.
Creator and Responsible for M&E Framework of COSV Programme 2018-2019, and the consequent evaluation of Impact.

Balkan Area Programme Coordinator


Bojken Sinaj

At COSV from April 2020 as Country Coordinator in Albania. He has attended university courses in public policies and international relations in Italy, Spain and Albania and has previous work experiences in the migration, communication and diplomatic fields.

Program Coordinator Mozambique


Roberto Novelli

After earning a master’s degree in International Economics and Finance, he becomes a Chartered Accountant and specializes in the Trust tool and in the management of private assets. He was director and advisor of several Italian companies, before rediscovering the international dimension of his professionalism, starting to collaborate with COSV in Mozambique in 2021 in the role of country program coordinator.

Program Coordinator Zimbabwe


Tsuro Bore

He began his working career as a teacher, then entered the NGO world in 2002, working at the executive level in organizations such as Plan International, Action Aid International, Midlands State University and now COSV Zimbabwe. He has a bachelor’s degree in Development Administration and Masters’s in Business Administration. He is now working to finalize his PhD in Business Administration {DBA} with the Binary University of Malaysia.

Country Representative Macedonia


Goçe Bogoevski

At COSV from 2009, he collaborated on the opening of the local office in Macedonia and from the beginning, he was its legal representative. In the past, he collaborated with other Italian NGOs with missions in Afghanistan and Kenya. Today he takes care of Public Relations and of the implementation of the strategy in the Country.

Country Coordinator Montenegro


Suzana Stijovic

At COSV since 1998, the year of the foundation of the local office in Montenegro. In these about 20 years of service, she covered various roles: interpreter, money manager, project designer in the Balkans. She also collaborated with COSV in its mission in Kenya. Currently, she takes care of External Relations, projects design and strategy implementation in Montenegro.