In all projects we run, across areas and sectors, we follow the same methods of intervention and common goals:

– to encourage the active participation of the local population, avoiding mechanisms of economic and technical dependence.

– to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups such as women, elderly and children.

– to create the conditions allowing local communities to “support” the project, once the external intervention is closes

– to enhance local knowledge and cultures, harmonizing economic and social development

Together with the most “traditional” sectors of cooperation, such as health care, vocational training, food security and humanitarian aid, we have recently specialized in the environmental sector (water, waste, carbon credits, …) , in projects that promote political, cultural and religious dialogue in crisis areas; and in the production of income and employment.

Following a vision of development that goes “beyond the gift”, we build partnerships that involve many different actors, such as private non-profit organizations, universities, study and research centers and private profit bodies.