29 October 2021

G20, open letter to Draghi from the international civil society

On the occasion of the summit scheduled for the next weekend, here is the letter signed by Civil 20, formed by over 560 international organizations and networks from more than 100 countries. The appeal letter addressed to Prime Minister Mario Draghi aims to invite the members of the upcoming G20 Summit and the subsequent COP26 […]

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26 July 2021

The Social Report 2020 is now online!

The Social Report 2020 is now online!     As every year, COSV publishes its Social Report to give a concrete follow-up to the accountability towards its partners and stakeholders   Transparency is a founding value of COSV and applies both to the management of resources and the presentation of the results obtained from the […]

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25 June 2021

RELEASE G20 Conference – 23rd June

PRESS RELEASE Release G20, the proposal to convert the debt is a commitment to sustainable development «Over the next three years, the public debt of African countries will exceed 950 million dollars, which is why we propose Release G20, which is based on the restructuring and therefore the conversion of part of this debt into […]

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