COSV is a non-profit association with legal personality, founded in 1968, engaged in development and humanitarian aid interventions in Europe, Balkans, Southern Africa and Middle East.


We operate for peace, human rights respect and environment protection, through inclusive development paths built on partnership and networking approach, to enhance local realities and create a proven long-lasting impact.


Our work is inspired by the “culture of cooperation” understood as solidarity between communities and it’s oriented to the reconstruction of share capital and to the establishment, through and in the communities, of strong relations, to sustain important political and economic transformations underlying progress.


A large number of people participate to our activities: associates, volunteers and operators, advisors, workers and, especially, our partners.

Dozens of institutions and CSOs with whom we collaborate, sharing principles, values and methodologies.


From ever we defend our autonomy: COSV belongs to itself, is not a property of parties, or particular interests groups.


We promote a culture of cooperation that denies any kind of racism and that encourages the active participation of free women and men, the human, material and cultural development.
We intend cooperation as the creation of conditions that produce wellness, job opportunities, possibilities.