COSV is a non-profit association with legal personality, founded in 1968, engaged in development and humanitarian aid interventions in Europe, Balkans, Southern Africa and Middle East.


We operate for peace, human rights respect and environment protection, through inclusive development paths built on partnership and networking approach, to enhance local realities and create a proven long-lasting impact.


Our work is inspired by the “culture of cooperation” understood as solidarity between communities and it’s oriented to the reconstruction of share capital and to the establishment, through and in the communities, of strong relations, to sustain important political and economic transformations underlying progress.


Since 1972, COSV has the recognition by the General Directorate for Development Cooperation of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, from over thirty years works with the leading agencies of the United Nations and its numerous offices as well as with funds from the European Commission. Currently our organization is included in the list at the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation provided for the Article 26 of the new Law 125 of 2014.