Areas of intervention

Thinking to the hundreds of projects we run in many countries, people we have worked with immediately come to our mind: our local partners, with whom we have created real north and south cross-alliances; our workers, local and expatriates, who often cooperate with us since decades; the final beneficiaries of the interventions; local and international authorities; friends and supporters.


Over the years we have developed projects in a whole range of sectors: from traditional ones – such as health care, vocational training, agriculture, primary education, protection and environmental sustainability, to increasingly complex and innovative projects – economic projects; support to small and medium enterprises and cooperatives; capacity building of institutions, both public and created by local civil society; protection of human rights; habitat and territory.


We also learned to deal with humanitarian aid and emergency (environmental and social) and with the security issues that these interventions require.


We currently read development cooperation as opportunity and growth. With conviction and pragmatism, we want to go beyond the logic of gift whenever the conditions of communities we work with permit this approach: in the Balkans, in Latin America and in the Mediterranean our partners ask for real partnership and not charity. This means accepting with courage to overturn our role.