Final Evaluations

After actively participating to the design of the guidelines of Link2007 “Evaluating the Impact in the International Cooperation“, that contains a serie of innovative tools and procedures, that COSV is implementing in an M&E System (COSV Programme M&E Framework) finalized to the production of an impact analysis for the triennium 2018-2020.


Thus, the documents produced by COSV M&E Team presented in this section have the objective of analysing the effects and results of COSV interventions, in relation to global and regional strategies of the organization.


The important effort of monitoring and evaluation that accompanies the implementation of COSV projects, seeks at ensuring the most solid accountability in the intervention regions (the pilot triennium has a specific focus on Middle East) and is crucial in providing the organization, beneficiaries and donors with efficient planning and implementation tools, in a middle-term impact perspective.


Joint Forces for Common Interest! (Macedonia)
Conservation of the natural resources Gilé National Reserve and its peripheral areas through the strengthening of economic and productive activities of rural communities (Mozambique)


Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness and Support
for young people in and out of school in Mashonaland West Province (Zimbabwe)


Empowerment of civil society and CSOs role to strengthen participation and national processes in Zimbabwe

Livelihood diversification program in Hwange and Binga Districts (Zimbabwe)

Music Bridges (Vanuatu e Mozambico)

Provision of primary health care services in Kulbus Locality in West Darfur (Sudan)


Integrazione e sostegno delle minoranze nel Sud-Est dei Balcani