Over the years, we have gradually adjusted our mission to the emerging needs arising in the countries where we intervene, always trying to remain faithful to the fundamental principles that characterize our activity.

We want to promote a “culture of cooperation”, understood as solidarity amongst people and distant from the concept of charity, that underlies an unbalanced relationship between the givers and the receivers. Our idea of cooperation is based on the interaction amongst peers, to achieve a common goal: communities’ economic, social and human development.

We focus our method of intervention on the partnership, that clearly and unambiguously characterize our relationship with local partners. We intend partnership as a valuable process of exchanges between different parts, that work together to implement projects aimed at developing specific geographic areas.

This strong common goal allows us to operate in the outskirts of the world, in those awkward, remote and difficult areas. Thanks to decades of careful and respectful relationships with local actors, in some borderlands we are the only organization intervening.