Italian Institute of Donation

The Italian Institute of Donation (IID) is a legally recognized non-profit, independent and non-party association, that thanks to its tools and annual audits, ensures that the work of nonprofits is in line with recognized international standards and meets the criteria of transparency, credibility and honesty. The brand IID “Donate with Confidence”, granted to members, confirms that the non-profit organizations focus their actions on these values. Founded in 2004 by Sodalitas Foundation and the National Forum of the Third Sector, the Institute bases its activities on the Charter of the Donation, the first Italian code of self-regulation for the collection and use of funds in the nonprofit.

COSV adheres to IID as partner: it signed the Charter of Donation, meets in its daily work higher management standards and adopts practices that ensure maximum and objectively verified reliability. Adherence to the IID provides transparency, effectiveness and efficiency, consistency and fairness in the management of activity.


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