Project ACAP: Community Action to preserve Protected Areas

Call for co-planning for CSOs – III edition

As part of the ACAP project – Community Action for the conservation of Protected Areas, the NGO
COSV and partner organizations participating in the Evaluation Committee intend to promote for
the year 2020 a shared planning with the CSOs active in the territories of Valona and Berat.
The areas covered by this third edition of the co-design call will concern:
– the Llogara National Park;
– the Protected Landscape of Vjosa-Narta;
– the Tomorri National Park
and the immediately adjacent areas, if the proposed action has an impact on the Protected Area of
The theme of co-design is innovation and the revision of collaboration models between CSOs
and local authorities in environmental protection

The documentation must be sent to the following address:

Thirrje për bashkëplanifikim me OJF – Edicioni i III-të

Në përputhje me projektin ACAP – Aksioni komunitar për ruajtjen e Zonave të Mbrojtura – organizata
COSV dhe organizatat partnere në Komisionin e Vlerësimit synojnë të promovojnë një projektim të
përbashkët për vitin 2020 me OJF-të aktive në zonat e Vlorës dhe Beratit.
Zonat objekt të edicionit të dytë të thirrjes për bashkë-planifikim do të jenë:
– Parku Kombëtar I Llogarasë;
– Peizazhi I Mbrojtur Vjosë-Nartë;
– Parku Kombëtar Mali I Tomorrit.
dhe zonat kufitare nëse aksioni I propozuar ka ndikim në Zonën e Mbrojtur përkatëse.
Tematika e bashkë-planifikimit është inovacioni dhe rishikimi I modeleve të bashkëpunimit
ndërmjet OJF-ve dhe autoriteteve lokale në mbrojtjen e mjedisit

Dokumentacioni duhet të dërgohet në adresën e mëposhtme:



ACAP_Call for co-planning for CSOs – Edition III – Thirrja për bashkëplanifikim me OJF – Edicioni i III-të

ACAP_Scheda Progetto CSOs

ACAP_Skeda e Projektit CSOs_Edicioni i III i fondit CAF

Fondi CAF_Edicioni III_Formulari-për-deklarimin-e-konfliktit-të-interesit



Thanks to its geographic position and to its long history of bridge between Balkans and Mediterranean, Albania owns a pretious cultural and biological heritage, that needs protection and, at the same time, represents a level for a sustainable socio-economic development.


After the accession to Natura 2000, the main European Union instrument for the conservation of biodiversity – a pre-condition for the accession of the Country to UE -, Albania started to have about 4.600 Km2 of National Parks and Reserves. However, the management of these areas is not optimal: the relative reform suffers the lack of technical competences and financial resources.


Environment protection is a core theme at International level and Albania is one of the Signatory Countries of Paris 2015 Agreement. Unfortunately, however, the signature is not enough: the Country still lacks of a strategy for CO2 emissions reduction and the unconsciousness of the inhabitants about the sustainable alternatives burdens this situation.


In this context borns project “ACAP: Community Action to preserve Protected Areas in Albania” – financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, whose activities will involve both the Environment Ministry and Municipalities. The latter, in fact, are interested in the new environmental law, seeking at reducing as possible their managerial and operative lacks.


To reduce the impact on the environment due to antropic pressure, we will base our intervention on the training to Park Rangers and Officers and, on the other hand, on young awareness and partnership with local business, for the conversion to Green Economy.


ACAP is a project realized by CELIM, in partnership with COSV, NAPA (National Agency for the Protected Areas), Kallipolis and INCA (Institute for National Conservation in Albania).