Western Balkans Youth Social Economy Alliance – WB SEA

The WB SEA project aims to promote the social economy as a catalyst for the talents and potential of young people in the Western Balkans, thus strengthening the capacities of youth organizations in the region and incorporating the social economy into their strategic planning and positioning, working on the development of social economy programs and advocacy initiatives.

WB SEA intends to stimulate the talent of young people in the WB region by supporting the creation of a favorable environment for youth employment through the promotion of self-employment and social entrepreneurship practices. The project promotes regional cooperation, capacity building, and exchange of know-how and good practices between the countries of the Western Balkans and the European Union. The objective is to develop a regional approach to the social economy and strengthening the ecosystems of the existing social economy.

WB SEA supports the economic and social development of the WB region. a strategic approach towards the social economy and valuing young people as agents of change in the context of regional aspirations for membership of the European Union.

Project partners will carry out a range of activities, including:
– A research on the social economy among young people in the Western Balkans and in the European Union;
– Study visit to Italy to deepen the issues of Social Entrepreneurship;
– Training for young facilitators who will build partnerships and encourage digital learning in the Social Entrepreneurship field;
– Training for young facilitators who will deal with the development of an educational curriculum on Social Entrepreneurship for new civil society organizations;
– Practical events such as social economy schools;
– A communication campaign for Social Entrepreneurship;