The nature reserve of Gilè: a world of wings

With over 200 species of birds found here, the National Reserve of Gilè in Mozambique is definitely considered to be a haven for “birdwachers”. Due to its diversity of environments, the reserve is home to species different from each other, related to the marshy areas and to the forest. COSV staff during the project “Community management and conservation of natural resources in the districts of Gile and Pebane,” has collected a lot of photos of these beautiful animals and realized a poster – distributed during the Tourism Fair, which was held last September in Maputo.

The National Reserve of Gilè (GNR), in Mozambique, lies on the border between the district of the same name and that of Pebane. It is an important ecosystem undergoing rapid decline due to the indiscriminate exploitation of its resources, some traditional practices (such as the use of fire) and poor management skills on the part of the competent authorities. The park is now the symbol of the continuous attack to the ecosystem brought by man, and the fragile balance that has come to form in the sharing of living space. The area, only officially protected, is in urgent need for action to safeguard the heritage of biodiversity.

The combined efforts of the local authorities together with the organizations, such as the collaboration between the COSV and Zambezia Provincial Directorate of Tourism on the project “Community management and conservation of natural resources in the districts of Gilè and Pebane”, sees its results in the construction of processes of natural resources preservation, able to engage directly with the communities that have always lived in the protected areas.