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10 December 2013

Interview to…Doha, finance officer In Lebanon

When did you start working with COSV? And how? I  started with COSV at the end of 2007, through checking a website  for job vacancies. What does it mean for you working for an NGO? It feels very comfortable to work with an NGO because they provide high respect  to employees and the society, and […]

26 March 2013

Baalbek, Lebanon: if electricity comes from carrots

On March 18th and 19th, at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut, two girls in red suit surprised the audience of the “EU – Lebanon Cooperation Days” with trays of fruit and vegetables: they were offering carrots, bananas, mandarins and apples and asked the skins and debris back. For every “bio-waste” entered in a container, a […]