Sustainable tourism and protection of the natural environment in Northern Montenegro and Southern Bosnia

The municipalities of Zabljak and Pluzine in Montenegro and Foca in Bosnia are among the most economically disadvantaged areas of the two countries, with the majority of the local population living a rural life based on farming and subsistence agriculture. Tourist services are still in the embryonic stages, despite the real potential of the region: here the development of sustainable tourism could represent an important driver of economic growth.

With this project we want to create a lasting partnership between the two national parks to coordinate common development activities across the border area. Standards of quality in economic activities are introduced and shared, to enhance the attractiveness of products and services offered to national, regional and international  tourists and ensure compliance with ethical and environmental sensitivity.

The coordination between the two parks aims to raise awareness on the presence and use of the cultural and natural heritage of the area, to support local communities residing in the border area between Bosnia and Montenegro to sustainably use natural resources as sources of income, and boost the local economic development.

Through the strengthening of common sustainable tourist facilities and services, we want to improve the living conditions and employment opportunities for the population living in rural areas between the two national parks: Durmitor in Montenegro and Sutjeska in Bosnia.