Paolo Dieci Prize – Second Edition 2023

‘LINK2007 – Cooperation in the network’, the association ‘LE RÉSEAU’ and CISP Sviluppo dei Popoli, have established the Paolo Dieci Prize to encourage partnerships between CSOs, civil society organizations of international cooperation and the organized realities of the world of immigration and new generations, also to support greater involvement of the Associations of the Diasporas and with a migratory background in development cooperation regulated by Law 125/2014.


The award is intended for the best international cooperation initiatives, global citizenship education, solidarity and territorial growth carried out in partnership between international cooperation CSOs, Diaspora Associations and those with a migration background. The objective is to encourage partnerships aimed at thinking, deepening, communicating, and implementing international cooperation for development that is humane, equitable, and sustainable, to stimulate the promotion and sharing of good practices in the field of co-development and to develop relationships between peoples and cultures for mutual interest and benefit.


In 2022, the first edition of the Award closed with the proclamation of the winning project “Drinking water and appropriate technologies for education and health in Moumekeng – Cameroon”, created by the partnership made up of the African Engineers Association and Arcs Culture Solidali.




The second edition of the Paolo Dieci Prize is now open and CSOs, Diaspora Associations and Associations with a migratory background active in Italy are invited to present partnership projects in development cooperation interventions or global citizenship education activities.




1. The Award is aimed at Italian international cooperation CSOs, Diaspora Associations and those with a migration background who have created or are creating an equal partnership in the implementation of cooperation projects for development in partner countries and/or citizenship education globally in Italy.


2. Development cooperation, solidarity, and education for global citizenship projects, in the framework of the UN Agenda 2030, regardless of the sector, are eligible for candidacy.


3. Projects must have been concluded no more than 12 months ago or in progress.




The Award consists of an endowment to the winner €5,000 to be allocated to support activities to be carried out in partnership in the spirit and according to the objectives of the Award.


Projects can be sent by 20 October 2023:
The outcome will be communicated by 30 November 2023.