Our Voices: ready to launch the training on Storytelling and Digital Curation

Curating digital stories and mobilizing them to create positive change and impact in communities across Europe is both innovative and necessary in today’s landscape.

Yet despite this, few organizations work in the field of curating stories for impact and therefore, one of the key purposes of the Our Voices project is to design and develop a training course addressed at professionals who have access to digital stories but they still do not know how to use them.
In November 2017, People Voice Media (United Kingdom), CRN (Germany), Change Maker AB (Sweden), COSV (Italy), CSRMO (Poland) and INTRAS (Spain) met in Czestochowa (Poland) to define the structure and contents of this innovative training programme which will take place in Germany in September 2018.


With this 5-Days training course, existing trainers/facilitators will explore how digital story curation techniques can be applied in the communities in which they work in order to create positive social change.

As part of the programme, participants will explore topics such as what is story curation, how to source stories, how to analyze stories, how to package and use stories to create influence and what ethical issues need to be considered when curating stories.


The programme also provides the opportunity for participants to plan how they can utilize the skills developed and knowledge acquired on the programme in the communities in which they work. The programme is underpinned by a practical, experiential approach to learning in which participants will undertake their own story curation project as part of the programme, alongside reflective and self-directed learning opportunities to consolidate learning.
The aim will be to support participants to develop the expertise needed to work in communities and use storytelling and curation as a way of enabling people to have their voices heard by decision makers. More news about the training course and the project are coming soon!


To know more about how training program was jointly designed by project partners, municipalities, cooperatives, educators and social workers, read our booklet “Stories of Influence