Music Bridges: interludio amongst Pacific, Africa and Europe

“Music Bridges: interludio amongst Pacific, Africa and Europe” is a cultural project launched to emphasize the artistic, economic and social dimension of music. Sharing the idea that culture is a key element for successful international relations, and youth should be supported and empowered as protagonists of the cultural scene, we started this project together with Further Arts Association in Vanuatu and Music Crossroads Mozambique – within the EU- ACP Culture + Program.

Music Bridges is part of the process of strengthening the field of music as a tool for poverty reduction in ACP countries, it aims at reinforcing the creation and production of music goods and services in Mozambique and Vanuatu, in a perspective of South-South cooperation.

Young musicians from Vanuatu, Melanesia Islands, Mozambique and Southern African Countries will be the main protagonists: they’ll be invited to music camps and festivals to meet international artists, enter new networks, develop technical and managerial skills, live performances opportunities and gain visibility.

During the two years of activity, Music Bridges will organize two main music residential camps: in 2013 the meeting will be in Port Vila, Vanuatu; and in 2014 in Maputo, Mozambique.

Music will be promoted both at festivals and online: two great festivals will follow the music camp and a project web site, released under Creative Commons licenses, will collect artists’ profiles, music tracks and background information on Vanuatu and Mozambique.

Copyrights and Creative Commons Licenses will be central topics for the artists: at music camps, workshops will be organized on music distribution and promotion to understand how to protect creativity, let music circulate and contribute to a legal flow of music production. Besides, musicians will deal matters more directly connected to music business: performances, distributions, networks, relations, music events and music management. All topics will be approached with project associates and their international experts: Lettera27 and Somas (Mozambican Society of Authors).