Lebanese Comics Festival – A cultural EuroMed window for young comics artists

Continuing the process begun in 2010 for the promotion of intercultural dialogue through comics, this project will strengthen the intercultural exchange among young comics artists of the Euro-Mediterranean region through the organization of the 2012 Lebanese Comics Festival. Comics, so popular among young people, is a direct and effective tool to express and share cultural values amongst people of different backgrounds: it is dynamic and immediate, and even those who approach comics for the first time can see its expressive potential to convey feelings, emotions and ideas.

In different cities of Lebanon, we organized comics workshops open to young artists under 30, to improve their skills and prepare them to attend Beirut Comics Festival.

A competition for young comics artists was launched, to award a special place for winners at the Festival: an important opportunity for young Lebanese artists to show their work to a wider international audience, including professionals.

International stakeholders attended the Festival, allowing the establishment and strengthening of euro-Mediterranean connections, and ensuring the sustainability of the project.