Leb. Inc.: promoting inclusive business in Lebanon

In the northen region of Lebanon and in Beqaa, we have embarked on a project to promote a sustainable inclusive business model, that ought to be replicable and able to convey in the area stability, development and social innovation.

Lebanon is a country that has suffered for a long time from a worrying poverty rate: this is the background against which youth unemployment has grown due to the educational system’s poor efficiency and to the recent influx of refugees. Thus, socio-economic opportunities have become fewer and fewer accessible.
The unstable economic situation makes the affiliation to extremist political groups very attractive, especially to unemployed and the ones who have left school.
Furthermore, sometimes social pressure between the host and refugees’ communities has erupted into local conflicts or hostile actions, that have undermined security in the region.

To address these challenges, we want to act together with private stakeholders, financial institutions, local associations and international organisations that are already active in the area, to give young Lebanese a training support and try out new social enterprises formulas.
We act with the aim of combining this project with pre-existing experiences intended to promote socio-economic development and ease the Syrian crisis’ repercussions in the country.
We will work on different levels, with the expectation of a fruitful multiplier effect.
At first, we’ll get involved some local vocational training institutions and universities in training courses and in a job placement program. We fervently think that education represents the cornerstone to empowerment and employment.

At the same time, we will define networking and partnership strategies for innovation and for the implementation of social enterprises support services. Thus, together with a direct impact on students and unemployed, a positive socio-economic environment will be built; this environment will be able to absorb all the activities and the changes provided by the project, like the start of an internship program and the start-up incubation.

Finally, we expect inclusive business positive effects flooding on the identified area’s communities.
Thanks to the rise of employment possibilities and to the internal-migration flow-down, it would be possible to shoot down the main social pressure facilitator: inequality.

CALL FOR IDEAS! Turn your Idea into Social Business

Call for business ideas! Turn your Idea into Social Business, LEBANON- 22/01/2019 – 28/02/2019