In-formare: percorsi di co-sviluppo tra Italia e Marocco

The project aims to support the social and economic development of the migrants from morocco living in Italy and of their region of origin providing training and information on investment possibilities.

The project idea come from the Arab community living in Milano (mainly from Egypt and Morocco) that more and more is requesting information and training on the possibilities of investing in their Countries of origin. In Milano, the relationship with traders, entrepreneurs and Arab associations (in particular Al Ouissal association) showed the need of many of these actors of re-investing in their Countries and finding viable opportunities on which focusing the money they regularly send back home.

A feasibility study has then been run in Morocco in the Tadla Azilal Region, where most of the Moroccan migrants in Lombardia Region come from. CRI (Centre régional des investissements) in Beni Mellal from several years is running projects of training on the possibilities of investment in the Region but has never run information campaigns in Italy or Europe Also the ‘Unione degli Artigiani of Milano Province showed great interest in being a project’s partner both for the possibilities of proposing Arab investment in Italy as well as for training small Arab entrepreneurs in investing in their Countries of origin.