Fighting malaria in Somalia, in Lower Shabelle, Benadir e Gedo

In Somalia, malaria is still one of the biggest killers, especially for under 5 and pregnant women. This project – which is focused on Lower Shabelle, Gedo and Benadir regions- aims at contributing to the achievement of the goals set by the Somali National strategic plan for Malaria through 3 main components.

The first component aims at increasing the access to effective malaria diagnosis and treatment to at least 80% of patients in 41 target health facilities, while the objective of the second component is to cover 90% of the population in 6 districts of Lower Shabelle and Elwak District of Gedo Region with LLINs.

For the achievement of the third project’s component, which is to raise awareness on 90% of the target populations in order to recognize and take and treat malaria, the project will sustain education campaigns on the importance of seeking diagnosis and treatment at health facilities.

Estimated beneficiaries will be 280.516 WCBA, PLW, children U5 and local communities.