Eurospectives 2.0: Digital Storytelling to give European citizens a voice

Why use storytelling, or maybe digital storytelling in training? Because it is an effective tool, especially in learning processes: a story is easier to remember than an explanation, because it uses the same strategies that humans use to give meaning to what they have around. It’s not all: creating stories fosters the development of skills related to information, data literacy, communication. Essential skills, in an increasingly digitalised world.


The new technologies offer us, for the creation of stories, multimedia tools like graphics, audio, video and web: all this is digital storytelling. A production that may seem simple, but that requires detailed planning, as well as technical mastery, with respect to social dynamics.


This is how the Eurospectives 2.0 project is born: a European partnership of six countries, together to study tools and share good practices, to create training curriculum on digital storytelling, for its integration in lifelong learning strategies.


An innovative tool, with a social potential: our purpose, in fact, is to put these tools at the disposal of European citizens, an active part of our initiative, who will be able to make their voices heard, through new personalized and effective channels.




The eBook created by the project :

Eurospectives 2.0 – Storylines Tools to inegrate Digital Storytelling in Teaching & Training


The Digital Storytelling curriculum created by the project: