Empowerment of civil society and CSO’s role to strengthen participation and national processes in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a country where the numerous and diverse civil society organizations range from residents,  women and student associations to think tanks and trade unions. Despite the coherent background and great experience,  the need of active citizenship strengthening is transversally felt and coordinated, dynamic and multi-layered actions amongst groups encouraged .

The project aims at contributing to the construction of an increasingly participatory and inclusive environment – promoting the effective implementation of the democratic requirements expressed in the Global Political Agreement (GPA), and strengthening the training, education and national healing skills of civil society groups. The program integrates a series of actions on  five key areas of Zimbabwe civil society structure:

Youth civic education and social participation

Citizenship education and involvement in social actions

Development of the information service provided by local community radios

Development of social inclusion at community level

Development of social artistic expression and communication

Youth centers will be opened to facilitate of young people participation: informed and involved in a responsible manner, they will be able to participate in national processes. In order to inform and increase people  awareness on national dynamics, civic education publications will be released and meetings organized. A key role will be covered by community radios: new structures will reach isolated communities and new information programs launched. Artistic expression and cultural activities will promote citizen participation, supporting in particular youth presence at concerts and national events.