Developing Tourism in the north of Montenegro

Describing itself as “the first ecological state of the world,” Montenegro is opening up to international tourism planning a development path attentive to environmental protection, capable of preserving the unspoiled natural beauty of the area and respecting its history, culture and traditions. In fact, while the coastal area has recently seen an explosive development of tourism and infrastructures, other areas are currently economically depressed, and among these the northern area.

For this reason, in the north of the country, COSV and the Montenegrin Ministry of Tourism have embarked on to promote tourism in the area, highly integrated in the territory and its history, with particular emphasis on local enogastronomy . The project runs through the heart of the massif of Durmitor,  recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site. In this area of virgin forests, mountains that are home to one of the largest reserves of European wild animals (ibex, wolves, bears, lynx, eagles), COSV accompanies the birth of new infrastructures and the organization of activities for travelers.

Hiking and mountain biking trails and an Olympic cross-country skiing track have been realized; snowshoeing, orienteering competitions and traditional events have been organized; and training courses on environmental issues and enhancement of the local enogastronomy have been planned.

In the midst of the beautiful karst mountains, a hub for tourist and sports has been created: on the ruins of a memorial house built on the site of an old partisan hospital, realized with the subscriptions of all the former Yugoslavia, today there is the Spomen Dom – ready to welcome tourists. With 40 beds in different kinds of accommodation (apartments, private rooms and dormitory), a restaurant that serves the best traditional local food and wine, the Spomen Sun also offers tourist and climbing guides, a medical clinic, municipal offices and a tourist info point.