Annual Report 2019

Our 2019 Annual Report is online!

This year we have chosen to use an online model with a modern graphic design and we have given more space to the contents, exploring issues that make us more accountable towards our partners and stakeholders.

You will find a home page from which you can connect to the various sections of the Report using the buttons at the bottom of each page so that you could move freely within the chapters and going back to the home page or continuing to read.

In this way, we believe that the description of our work can be more understandable, also through the use of video interviews and explanatory boxes for in-depth analysis on the various topics.

Ours is a collective work, which saw the participation of various stakeholders, who in different ways collaborated with us during the year, to achieve the objectives and strategies that COSV had set itself.

Of course, the report also contains the balance sheet and its related certification.