Accelerated Child survival and development program aimed at improving the accessibility of nutrition services

In the regions of Lower Shabelle and Gedo, a deterioration of the general nutrition standards has been registered, with high rates of acute malnutrition among children under 5. Children and women are mostly at risk, being the prime sufferers of food crisis and the constant movement imposed by drought and civil strife.

To respond to the serious nutritional situation in the two regions and address the deep causes of malnutrition, we have developed a nutritional program addressing children under five and women of childbearing age.

Through the mobilization of the community, appropriate feeding practices will be promoted and an integrated management of children acute malnutrition will be endorsed.

The program ensures the provision of micro-nutrients nutritional supplements for women and children; community members’ training on the identification of acute and severe malnutrition cases and on patients’ transfer to Primary Health Centers; and medical staff training on active promotion of maternal nutrition.

Moreover, since water management is vital for the population wellbeing, secure containers for water will be distributed and a training on water proper management will be organized. A vaccination campaign against measles will be run.