12 November 2021

A school open to the world – Article by Cinzia Giudici on Africa Rivista

Global citizenship education, therefore the ability to live together and be in solidarity, is one of the biggest challenges that the Link2007 NGOs propose, alongside interventions in the most disadvantaged countries. To contribute to the growth of a collective mentality that recognizes how the meeting between different cultures is now an irreversible reality, as well […]

21 July 2021

The Agri-SMART project and the history of Juvencio

The Agri-SMART project and the history of Juvencio: how to build a house with the income generated by climate-smart agriculture Agriculture in Mozambique: a general picture In Mozambique, agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for 80 % of the population. 95% of the national GDP is generated by the work of small producers, who, […]

10 February 2021

Call for Community Based Tourism – Dardha Village

Call for funding through mini-grants, for the qualification of domestic micro-hospitality and the promotion of responsible and ecologically sustainable forms of tourism As part of the ACAP – Community Action for the Conservation of Protected Areas project, the NGO COSV and partner organizations have launched the following call for proposals to improve accommodation capacities, through […]