World Environment Day: COSV initiative in the National Reserve of Gilé

Human-Nature reconnection: this is our scope in Zambezia, in the district of Gilé, where the last June 5th we celebrated the World Environment Day. This year, this recurrence, promoted by United Nations, aimed at stressing the importance of Paris Agreement (2015) on carbon emissions reduction, a global partnership to reach 2030 Agenda sustainable development goals.

The event coincided with the district of Gilé fiftieth anniversary, and then Joaquim Fernando Pahare – District Administrator – held it, with the participation of a delegation of the Provincial Directorate for Earth, Environment and Development in Zambezia and of the Reserve Administration.

Thematic conferences, contests, dancing and songs: the different activities undertaken during the day have drawn delegations from close neighbourhoods, development partners and more than 3000 local residents. The travelling exhibition – set for the occasion, enabling the exposition of the activities of various cooperation initiatives in the district – was of special interest. Among cooperation initiatives presented, there was the project coordinated by COSV, in partnership with IGF Foundation, Zambezia Provincial Government and CarbonSInk group.

On this occasion, we presented the “improved stoves”, sustainable tools useful for an economic and energy saving, that from June 6th where distributed to beneficiaries resident in Reserve countryside, to reduce anthropic pressure on natural resources deriving from biomass consumption for domestic use.