West Beqaa: Supporting People and community interventions

The Syrian crisis, which began with peaceful demonstrations in 2011, has gradually stepped up to take on the contours of one of the cruelest and bloodiest civil wars in history. The precarious national context has forced millions of people to flee their homes to seek refuge in safer areas inside Syria itself or in neighboring countries, such as Lebanon, where the refugee population has reached one million out of a total population of 4 , 5 million inhabitants. Within the country, the Bekaa region, located in the north of the country just a few miles from the Syrian border, is one of the areas most affected by the influx of people who come with the hope of finding better living conditions.

Resources on the Lebanese territory today are not sufficient to meet the basic needs of a growing population: action is needed to respond to the needs of the Syrian population of refugee and host communities in Lebanon.

In three municipalities in the West Beqaa, we support children, women and vulnerable people through the distribution of essential goods and organize a training course for a group of volunteers from the Muslim Scout Association to offer psycho-social support to the population of the valley.

Thanks to the project, the Association of Muslim Scout Association of Volunteers come into contact with the few professional realities in the West Beqaa focused on psychological, educational and social. Through the creation of this strong network, the Muslim Scout Association will be able to carry out their voluntary work in collaboration with more experienced reality, in constant relation with the ultimate beneficiaries of the project.