Social Report 2023

Our Social Report 2023 is now online!


Every year COSV publishes its Social Report to give a concrete follow-up to the desire to be accountable towards its partners and stakeholders.


Transparency is a founding value of COSV and applies both to the management of resources and to the presentation of the results obtained from the projects. Being transparent means constantly committing to account for the management publicly, the activities carried out, the methodologies adopted and the results achieved.


The 2023 Social Report was born from the need to be transparent and to provide a concrete vision of how international cooperation can be achieved


To meet the need for transparency, completeness and ease of reading, COSV has decided to adopt an international reporting standard known as “GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards)”


The 2023 Social Report also adopts the “Guidelines for the preparation of the social report of Third Sector entities”, published in the decree of 4 July 2019


This year we have chosen to use a PDF format with a modern and attractive graphic design, characterized by some internal navigation and in-depth links, to give more space to the contents and explore themes that make us more accountable.


From the index you can connect to the various sections of the Social Report, using the internal links.