Provision of primary health care services in Kulbus Locality – West Darfur

Kulbus is a small town in the northern part of West Darfur, on the border with Chad: an area affected for many years by civil war. Kulbus substantially lacks of all basic services, including medical ones: since more than 8 years we support a Primary Health Care Center in town and 10 basic health units located in the surrounding villages.

In these years, we have provided support to the local primary health care network through the supervision of the various units, the distribution of drugs and local staff training. With this project, we continue our collaboration to provide an integrated health care system and enhance preparedness and response to outbreaks of health emergencies.

Strengthening the capacity of health personnel of the 10 units and the Primary Health Care Center, we aim at improving the quality of basic health services in Kulbus area. In collaboration with the hospital of the Ministry of Health, local community health committees and local authorities, we strengthen the control of preparedness and response mechanisms to face and manage public health emergencies.