From ideas to businesses: co-development paths between Italy and Morocco

“From ideas to businesses: co-development paths between Italy and Morocco” originates from a pilot co-development project between Italy and Morocco, led by COSV in collaboration with Medinaterranea and Al Ouissal associations, CRI, the Ministry of Moroccans Abroad, Artisans’ Association of the Province of Milan and Monza and the Chamber of Commerce – Chamber of Arbitration.

The positive assessment of the actors involved and the need to give continuity to the pilot experience are behind this second project, led Medinaterranea Association with a wider panel of partners: COSV, ANESSIC, ISMU, PROMOS, Ispramed , Artisans’ Association of the Province of Milan, Ministry of Moroccans abroad, Regional Center of Investment of Tadla Azilal, IntEnt Maroc, Business Creation Foundation of the National Bank of Morocco.

This second project aims at strengthening the supporting system of enterprises creation in the region of Tadla Azilal and investment in Lombardy, to promote the social and economic development of the Moroccan community living in Lombardy and their region of origin.

The partners will create a trans-national service to accompany the creation of businesses, ensure the training on the creation of micro and small enterprises for Moroccans entrepreneurs living in Italy, supporting them in implementing business ideas. An information system for job orientation and migratory experiences enhancement will be established, through a Mediterranean magazine and a research on the returns of Moroccans investment in their country.