Nature preservation: an opportunity for development

May 31st 2018: with the inaugural ceremony in Quelimane, we kicked off the Project FORESTE, an intervention that will involve 10 communities in Mocubela District (Zambezia, Mozambique) in the development of integrative productive systems, able to enhance and diversify productive activities and, at the same time, allow soil preservation, to mitigate anthropic pressure on natural resources in the province.
“Within the coordination network, our role will be the management of the Eco-Governance component, seeking at creating virtuous mechanisms, in which the preservation of natural resources will be an occasion for the socio-economic development of the population – argued Alberto Tanganelli, COSV Country Coordinator, during the conference.

– Mozambique is a country frequently exposed to climate shocks, in which the communities, to survive, not always manage to find an alternative to the indiscriminate exploitation of the natural resource. Thus, for years now our activities have been conducted alongside local community management groups, to find a balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability. The project FORESTE, will be the occasion to renew our engagement in this respect”.
The project – funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – is realized by ICEI, Manitese and COSV, together with the Italian partners Carbonsink Grup, Eliante and the local organizations UPCZ (Uniao Provincial dos Camponeses da Zambezia) and ORAM (Associacao Rural de Ajuda Mutua).