Fighting domestic violence and promotion of women’s human rights in Maputo

The problem of violence against women has become one of the most serious n Mozambique and it represents an obstacle to the development: the last census (2007) recorded 7667 official cases of domestic violence. However, this is an underestimate amount: in fact only “extreme” cases are reported and the number of victims is actually much higher.

To combat domestic violence and protect women’s rights in the Province of Maputo we started a proget together with the Nhamai Association, who runs a Center for Women and Children victims of domestic violence. Nhamai works in favor of women since 2004, providing medical, psychological, legal and social support and can count on a staff that every day takes care of victims.

Together we work on prevention, awareness, rehabilitation, protection and support. At the center we organize training courses for staff, trainers and operators on alternative techniques of conflict resolution; we rehabilitate existing infrastructure to ensure the sustainability of the center, and as a result, offer a permanent reception and support service. Women victims of violence can receive the necessary psychological and legal support to facilitate access to justice, they are involved in training courses to explore new employment opportunities and socio-economic integration. Great importance is given to awareness campaigns: with dissemination tools, such as theater and film, we talk about violence against women and AIDS.