Enhancing Self Development, Creating a Community

The Erasmus+ project Supporting Employability through Self Development has finally come to an end. In these months, we had the occasion to meet Italian and International students and youth workers that participated actively in each project phase and gave the most important contribution to its success.

Thus, we asked Argia, Italian student and participant for COSV in all SESD activities, to share her personal experience and insights on the project.

Education and training are key determinants of success in the labor market, and SESD Supporting Employability through Self Development focuses exactly on this.

Personal Development refers to the improvement of a certain set of skills demanded from youngsters nowadays, such as communicational, organizational, team working skills, as well as self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and more in general to the so-called soft skills, of which development formal education is lacking.


The project focuses on capacity building of young people and youth organizations through new and innovative personal development tools.

The first part of this initiative took place in Prizren, Kosovo and provided a ToT (training of trainers) of 7 days in youth work field.


Once home, we organized local workshops, using the tools and knowledge acquired in the previous training and, of course, giving our personal contribution.

I worked closely with COSV and a local cooperative Azione Solidale, to organize a day of training with boys and girls from Creta aggregation center. It was a pleasant and stimulating experience, for both me and the participants and we received very positive feedbacks: for sure, we will keep us in touch.


The seminar, final step of SESD, has taken place in Durrës, Albania. It has gathered 30 participants: project coordinators, trainers, and one participant from each local workshop.

The main aim was to evaluate the achievements, as well as the failures, for a better understanding of which path to take for the future, in order to enhance human capital.


The heterogeneity of the group was the lifeblood for the creation of a community, with youngsters having the chance to share their own ideas, knowledge, personal and professional experiences.

A great energy and synergy were established between participants, and new partnerships were developed. At the end of this project, we can affirm that this was intended as a starting and not an arrival point.