Development and environmental sustainability | Tackling climate changes in Mozambique

Mozambique is frequently exposed to climate shocks.

Communities – to maintain their livelihoods – have difficulties to find an alternative at the indiscriminate exploitation of natural riches. That is why – through different projects of our program in the area – together with local management groups, we seek to find a balance between development and environmental sustainability.

In synergy with this program, the activities of “Project Forests” aim at reducing the anthropic impact on forests and at meliorating citizens’ adaptability to climate changes in Mocubela district (Zambezia, Mozambique).

Our strategy covers a period of three years (2017-2019) and is structured around several objectives such as the increase and the diversification of productive activities – reducing carbon emissions and limiting extension of cultivated lands at the expense of forest areas – the restoration of degraded ecosystems and the improvement of local actor capacity of managing resources and early-responding to external events.

ICEI, Manitese and COSV realize the project – funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – in partnership with Italians Carbonsink Group and Eliante and locals UPCZ (Uniao Provincial dos Camponeses da Zambezia) and ORAM (Associacao Rural de Ajuda Mutua).