13 April 2017

COSV in Turkey: clarifications


With relation to the news published recently by several foreign and Italian media on COSV denied permission to operate in Turkey, we consider useful for a correct information to clarify that up today COSV is on hold of the renewal of the authorization to operate in the country (that has annual length) and no communication […]

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10 April 2017

Helsinki: dialogue among communities, across borders, to conflict resolution

National Dialogue Conference

Dialogue is a fully-fledged peacebuilding tool. Moving from this assumption, three National Dialogue Conferences have been organised for the past three years in Helsinki: a series of meetings that include operators and stakeholders at international level, in the belief that dialogue among and inside nations may lead societies through a deep path of change, with […]

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28 March 2017

“Redemption song”: free to migrate, but only if well informed


  “Redemption Song”, a documentary directed by Cristina Mantis, was projected today at the Chamber of Deputies. To Link2007 NGOs, everyone is free to migrate but, if he means to do so, he must be informed, aware and responsible. This convention has aroused interest also in African migrants that were present.   Source: Link2007

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