23 November 2017

Visit Zambezia: a website to enhance Eco-Tourism in Mozambique

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Zambezia (Mozambique) is a Province very rich in nature, culture, traditions and passions. For COSV, to preserve these resources, valorise a synergic process of sustainable development is a first fundamental step. In the framework of “Strengthen Financial Sustainability and Biodiversity in the National Reserve of Gilé” – funded by European Union to preserve Gilé National […]

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14 November 2017

Multi-ethnic communities together for common interest: the Community Forum in Delcevo


Diversity among cultures is something to enhance, not to be scared of. It is a resource, an enrichment for everyone. That is why in Macedonia, were ethnic-based discrimination is still deep-seated, we work with local communities – and, in particular, with multi-ethnic municipalities – by encouraging inclusion and inter-communitarian relations. With support of the European […]

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13 October 2017

Tourism International Fair in Maputo |Our exhibition of 10 Zambezia Wonders


“Ecotourism is the cornerstone of our Country economic development”. This is the belief of Mozambicans governments, that inserted local tourism promotion as a focal point of their recent grow plans. This challenge was accepted by the INATUR – National Tourism Institute – that from October 13th to 15th organized in Maputo the International Fair of […]

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