COSV in Turkey: clarifications

With relation to the news published recently by several foreign and Italian media on COSV denied permission to operate in Turkey, we consider useful for a correct information to clarify that up today COSV is on hold of the renewal of the authorization to operate in the country (that has annual length) and no communication of rejection has been received yet from Turkish authorities.
COSV official permission has legally expired on the 15th January 2017 and the renewal has been regularly presented following the official procedure. The process is formally ongoing. Meanwhile COSV has suspended its activities in the country, as per the Turkish law, until the formal renewal of the authorization. COSV permission that has allowed COSV to operate in the country since 2015 has covered the provinces of Kilis, Hatay, Gaziantep and Istanbul and COSV does not intend to operate in other regions of the country.


COSV activities aim to support people affected by the Syrian crisis, with special attention to inclusive social and economic development targeting both local and refugees communities, also to foster local dialogue.