Call for External Assessors in Albania

Deadline: December 15, 2023


COSV in Albania, leading the EU-funded project TOKA JONË: Re-use of confiscated lands to promote social agriculture, has launched a sub-granting scheme under TOKA JONË which aims to repurpose confiscated assets, specifically focusing on promoting social agriculture.


The Social Agriculture Development Fund (SADF) is a crucial step toward achieving sustainable development and aiding vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion.


We are now seeking External Assessors to evaluate full proposals for innovative social agriculture initiatives. These initiatives will revolve around the re-use of confiscated assets, serving as a catalyst for socio-economic development and community-based social farming services.


Your expertise will play a crucial role in selecting initiatives that will positively affect communities and contribute to the sustainable use of agricultural land.


For more information please refer to the detailed ToR and Guidelines below:


Guidelines_Assessors_Draft_Toka Jone

Terms of Reference