18 February 2014

Increasing community health and nutrition awareness in Sudan

phot by COSV - cc by sa

We are in the village of Rahat Rama, in Sudan, a small community an half hour drive from COSV office. Today we distribute food supplements for malnutrition treatment: a mix made of enriched flour, sugar and oil. Especially in the dry season, malnutrition is a major problem in the whole of Sudan. During the day, about eighty mothers with their children will come to our health center, some of them will walk more than an hour to get here. We have built a porch and stretched natural fiber [...]

4 February 2014


Macedonia - una giovane allieva rom durante una lezione

13 January 2014

Creative Commons in music

SMK - photo by Cristina Panicali - CC BY-NC

A workshop on free licenses and copyright in music careers – written by Cristina Perillo Creative commons and the author’s intention “The basic idea of Creative Commons is that the “all rights reserved ” automatic rule, that governs copyright automatically and up to 70 [...]

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