Social Innovation, Enterprise, Impact: COSV joins DIESIS network

Our strategy is built on the concept of innovation and, more precisely, on the processes of social innovation, or the search for effective solutions to the problems of the different contexts in which we work, through the involvement and creation of links between the different actors of a society.


In line with this perspective, we decided to join the Diesis, an active network aiming at encouraging the development of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation in Europe and in the World.


How? We will carry out activities based on the construction of knowledge and skills, such as training, co-planning, consulting services, technical assistance and research.

Diesis is one of the largest networks in Europe to support social entrepreneurship: it covers 14 countries, supported by more than 75,000 organizations and 1.2 million workers.


Participating in this network will allow us to combine the experience of Cooperation with that of Social Entrepreneurship: it is in this connection space that we see horizons of innovation, which can be explored in different contexts and with the different actors we work with, for the creation of a concrete social impact, based on the creation of links and supported by lasting human and economic wealth.