1 April 2016

Zambesia | Introduction of driers to conserve peanuts

In Zambezia, in Pebane and Gilé Districts where we are working to fight deforestation, protect biodiversity and develop domestic agriculture, peanuts are amongst the most widespread cultivations. Peanuts have a good penetration in the markets and being within the dried fruit category should be easy to conserve. Nevertheless, in central Mozambique where the climate is […]

22 February 2016

Migrants | In Gevgelija, at the Macedonian-Greek border

In Gevgelija, at the Macedonian-Greek border, there’s a transit camp for migrants where after a first documents check people travelling to Europe can have some assistance, such as clean clothes and food. From here, the travel continues toward Tabanovce, in the north of the country at the border with Serbia, where there’s another transit camp. […]

18 January 2016

Joint forces for common interests!

In Macedonia we are starting a new project, together with Center for Civic Initiative and Women Civic Initiative ANTIKO, to strengthen the capacities of the local civil society in analysis and evidence based advocacy to foster intercommunity relations, especially in the multiethnic municipalities. A project co-funded by the Delegation of the European Union to the […]