29 March 2017

Carbonsink & COSV for sustainability in Mozambique: interview with Antonio Guiso

“Strengthening Financial Sustainability and Biodiversity in the National Reserve of Gilé” is a three-year project that takes place in Mozambique, in the peripheral areas of Gilé National Reserve, aiming at guaranteeing economical and environmental sustainability in the area. To obtain these results, is essential that communities are able to keep living in the area, without […]

20 March 2017

Mediterranean Bridge 2015: linking Italy and Turkey for migrants protection

Italy and Turkey are the doors of Europe. Migration flows, especially in these two countries, became more and more intense in the last two years, challenging local and international government policies. This led to “Mediterranean Bridge 2015” – a project of partnership and research in matter of justice, liberty and security – part of “Civil […]

6 March 2017

Working with communities, promoting resilience, reaching sustainability

Natural reserves stressed by climate changes and indiscriminate exploitation of resources, areas struggling to cope with reception of refugees communities, multi-ethnic municipalities striving for the provision of socio-economic services. Our working contexts present different features, but a common main factor: a civil society that gives voice to social change and is actively engaged towards the […]